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The Joint Scholar Mundi-Dumfries House Educational Programme for UWC Dilijan Students

Armenia, Georgia, Russia

The partnership between Scholae Mundi and Dumfries House, a Scottish Country House and Estate with a developing education centre, set in East Ayrshire, provides support for the joint educational programme of Dumfries House and UWC Dilijan College. The partnership involves two main projects: the restoration of one of the estate buildings and the opportunity for UWC Dilijan students and other pupils from schools in Dilijan to study at Dumfries House for a ten year period.

About project

The Dilijan Building at the Dumfries House Educational Centre

The project to restore the Georgian Palladian Mansion of Dumfries House and the estate is under the patronage of His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales or as he is known in Scotland His Royal Highness The Prince Charles, the Duke of Rothesay. The project not only restored the historic building, but also transformed the estate into an educational centre of excellence. Scholae Mundi understands that it is vital to contribute to the development of educational projects around the world and to build links between different educational institutions, allowing students from various countries to take advantage of receiving a global, multi-faceted education while building close personal relationships from a young age.

The Scholae Mundi-Dumfries House partnership ensures funds are available for the restoration of "Dilijan" – one of the estate’s main buildings, named after UWC Dilijan. The "Dilijan" building has 16 guest rooms, each is named after one of the 16 principal donors of Scholae Mundi who took part in the project.

UWC Dilijan College-Dumfries House Educational Programme

The Scholae Mundi-Dumfries House partnership allows for a period of ten years annual visits by 48 students from UWC Dilijan College and other Armenian schools to participate in educational activities at Dumfries House.

Dumfries House

Dumfries House is a historic Palladian mansion located in the south-west of Scotland, built by the famous architects brothers John, Robert and James Adam. It is home to distinct and unrivalled collection of furniture from the English Rococo period, which includes works of such luminaries as Thomas Chippendale, Alexander Peter, Francis Brodie, and William Mathie. Built 1754-1759 for William Dalrymple, the fifth Earl of Dumfries, the estate is an 18th Century time capsule – for 250 years the facade and the interior furnishings have remained intact.

Dumfries House, set deep in the county of Ayrshire, the birthplace of Robert Burns, has a rather poetic and romantic story. The Earl of Dumfries filled the house with luxurious furniture and works of art. Much like a Bower Bird, which attracts its mate through having the most eye-catching nest to find a partner, the Earl succeeded and was married to Ann Duff in 1792.

Dumfries House has been a family home ever since, both lived in and loved like any family home. Today Dumfries House has opened its doors to visitors. Anyone fascinated by the culture and architecture of Britain can visit the estate and delve into the delights of its 250-year history by viewing the luxurious living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, discovering the intriguing details of everyday life, such as a the declaration of love carved by a diamond ring onto one of the windows, or discover a secret door hidden behind one of the tapestries, and maybe even meet a ghost, an ever present fixture of historic estates.

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