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UWC grant programme for Russian students

Armenia, Georgia, Russia

The UWC system offers students from different countries a unique transformative education, which demands every ounce of effort. One of the UWC's key goals is to encourage young people from different countries to work together towards creating a peaceful and sustainable future for all mankind.

About project

There are 9,000 students actively studying at UWC colleges around the world each year, and each college reserves a number of seats designated for the residents of specific countries. Financial support is provided to talented teenagers who are selected via a competitive process to study the IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate), if their families are unable to fully or partially pay for education in UWC schools and colleges.

The UWC national committees undertake the allocation of places with a full or partial scholarship at UWC colleges. Currently there are over 150 national committees serving the UWC worldwide. The national committees are made up of UWC alumni and teachers, representatives from the international offices of the UWC, educational specialists and prominent figures.

These individuals promote the ideas and values of the UWC around the world, inspiring talented and socially active young people to enroll at UWC, and also conduct the candidate selection process.

 In addition, the national committees serve as hubs for UWC schools and college graduates, as well as organizing their activities in the countries they are responsible for.

The United World Colleges Movement

The United World Colleges (UWC) movement makes education a force, to unite people, nations and cultures, to create a peaceful and sustainable future. In UWC schools and colleges, representatives of different countries and peoples, religions and social groups all study together. The UWC’s unique educational model places great importance on learning through experience, so that today’s young people can take an active role in the society in the future. The UWC movement was founded in 1962, and now comprises of 17 schools and colleges located in Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America. The two-year IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate, pre-university course) forms the academic base of the UWC and is recognized by the top universities in the world. Currently, 70% of those studying at UWC are on a full or partial scholarship. In addition to the two-year IB Diploma, students at UWC can study such topics as conflict management and environmental awareness. These programmes are often carried out in regions where political, ethnic or ecological issues are prevalent. UWC strives to instill in its students a sense of social responsibility, forming a community of alumni from around the world, which today stands at over 60,000, who share the same values of peace, kindness and international understanding.

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