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Scholarship programme for graduates of UWC Dilijan


In 2016, Scholae Mundi developed a programme offering scholarships to UWC Dilijan graduates entering the top 10 universities outside the US. The programme is 100% financed by Scholae Mundi.

Scholae Mundi extends its commitment to UWC Dilijan students, more than 48% of which are enrolled at the college on a full stipend, and aspires to support their dreams of achieving a world-class education.

About project

In order to motivate UWC Dilijan graduates to continue their studies and provide them the opportunity to receive an education at an international university, Scholae Mundi has created a scholarship programme for entry into one of the 10 best universities outside of America. The scholarship covers 100% of the annual tuition fees, and is dependent upon the requirements of the students.

The program is designed to provide fifty annual scholarships over five years.

The 10 Best Universities Outside of the US*:



North America

* According to an analysis of the ratings of the best higher educational institutions outside the United States for 2016.

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