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The “Surpass Dreams” scholarship programme of the Troika Dialog former partners


“Surpass Dreams” is a scholarship programme for young people, created by former partners of the Troika Dialog investment company (which became part of the Sberbank group in 2012). The programme aims to support talented students in the financial sphere, helping to reveal their professional and creative potential, and put to practice the knowledge they gain. In addition, the programme is geared towards maintaining the professional legacy of the Troika Dialog, and offering insightful dialogue between former partners and talented students at financial and economic institutes across the CIS.

About project

The philosophy of the Surpass Dreams scholarship program is based on the principles of the Troika Dialog investment company, which was a pioneer of the Russian capital market throughout the 1990s and 2000s, playing a leading role in shaping its development. From the very first days of the company's launch, it set the professional and ethical standards in Russia's newly created financial industry. Many of Russia's leading financiers were pioneers of the Troika Dialog, and continue to strive to pass on their unique, cutting edge experience and knowledge to the younger generation of financiers. The company's unique partnership system allowed all employees the opportunity of potentially becoming a partner, regardless of their role in the company or their age. One of the company's top priorities was the training and grooming of talented young people.

The Surpass Dreams scholarship program is open to third-year university students studying financial-economic and mathematical majors in the leading universities in Russia (aged between 18 and 25). Participation in the programme is free.

The programme includes three stages:

Stage 1 — is the selection process, which takes place between October to December each year.

Stage 2 — is open to the finalists who successfully complete the qualifying rounds, which is the Surpass Dreams winter school with courses taught by recognized experts and financial market gurus who are business owners and top managers at well-recognized companies and mostly former partners of the Troika Dialog.

Stage 3 — consists of an internship at partner companies of the Surpass Dreams programme, which provides unique opportunity for the most talented and exemplary participants to engage with leading financial institutions in Russia, and open doors to attractive career prospects.

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